All you need for POLICE work

Tactical Solutions 911

At Tactical Solutions 911 we take our role as consultants and providers to government, law enforcement, defense, correctional, security, and EMS organizations very seriously.

For more than 20 years we have followed the advancements in protection and security to provide the professionals who depend on us with the best equipment and the best training.
Our continuous investment in R + D + I always hand in hand with the end customer has always allowed us to have the breakthrough  technologies for the development of products for our clients around the world.
And we have engaged our clients, seeking solutions that genuinely respond to their unique requirements.

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[US] Here you can download the latest Catalog of Tactical Solutions 911 products. The catalog comes with retail prices to make it easier for you to show it to your customers.

[ES] Aqui puedes descargarte el último Catalogo de los productos de Tactical Solutions 911. El catalogo viene con precios de venta a público para que te sea más fácil enseñarlo a tus clientes.

High tech technology for traffic control

20 years providing Police, EMS, correctional, security, army, law enforcement with best equipment with continous training.

For more than 20 years we have followed the advances in signaling and beaconing to provide traffic control professionals with the most advanced tools on the market. 

We are manufacturimg beacons for EMS & firefighters use, horizontal limunous signaling for Police and Airports with flash synchronization, but also lights for police bicycles or silicone cones adaptable to any flashlight from 25mm to 45mm. 

We also provide night beacon systems for the military by IR.

Tactical POLICE Equipment & Weapons

All our products have been designed hand in hand with Police units worldwide

All our products have been designed under the critical needs of the police units that will use them both in the United States and in Europe.

Equip your team with complete confidence. 

Over the years we have developed specific products for our clients. Some of our own direct manufacture and others manufactured by renowned companies but under our designs and criteria.

[Personal Warning Light]: We design police signal lights to avoid being run over at night.

We accept any kind of Challenge 

We start with small projets and continue to manufacure what does not exist for our clients.

[Animal Control]: We designed a net launcher to capture small to medium size animals. Our NET-LAUNCHER uses CO2 and allows low cost animal control. 

[HELI FLASHLIGHT]:  We designed a portable flashlight for helicopters with a 1km range for France.

[ANY PATCHES]: We manufacture all kinds of patches. 

[KING COBRA HOLSTER]: We designed a pistol holster for Beretta 92 Level 3 + / 4 for Spain.

 [BULLETPROOF]: We designed a 36L backpack with a bulletproof panel on the back for the South American and United States market. 

[VEHICLE DISINFECTION]: We designed an apparatus for disinfecting and removing odor from patrol vehicles for Germany Police. 

[ARMY BEACONS]: We design IR beacons for vehicles to be seen from the air without being discovered by the enemy for the Marines of United States.

[VTT LIGHTS]: We design signaling lights for electric bicycles for the French Police